Welcome to ABCOATING!

Our mission requires us to have a full commitment to excellence in our performance!


-AbCoating is a leading company in Kosovo in solutions and services in the field of metal processing. With highly skilled engineers, specialists and developers who hold the most renowned certification in the metal industry, we offer ready-made integrated solutions for our customers.

- By designing and developing modern and adaptable infrastructure and solutions for our customers, we help them manage their operations and thereby increase their business.

-With over 10 years of experience in the company and with more than 25 years of individual experience of our founders, we have gained a reputation for high performance and reliability, which is based on providing services and products that represent innovation and quality for a wide range of industries.


-We are committed to customer satisfaction as the main objective of our business.

-We know the fact that AbCoating's achievements are the work of the people who make up the company. We encourage initiatives, recognize individual input, treat each person with respect and justice, and afford sufficient opportunities for professional growth.

- Maintaining the highest standards of ethics and behavior in business and at all times operating in compliance with the laws of all countries in which we operate a win with integrity is our mode of operation anytime, wherever we operate.

Our success as a company requires us to achieve financial performance consistent with these principles in accordance with the leading position in our industry.


Our mission is to establish strong relationships with our customers and potential customers wherever they are, to support their business and to increase their capabilities by offering high quality solutions.