Our Partners are the best in the World

We’re proud to have excellent long-term relationships. And as an independent "Trusted Partner" that only delivers services, that best meet our customers' requirements - saving time as well as money and ensuring a solution that delivers the anticipated benefits.

Our independence ensures our clients efficient and cost effective solutions, selecting the most appropriate partner and solution for each project. Our Partners are selected for the efficiency of their solutions, always thinking of our customers and the benefits for them.


A leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. Help protect the buildings you go in every day. We’re in your mobile devices, the cars and roads that move you around and are an essential part of the products that keep you healthy.


From furniture to walls, garden fences, construction machinery, mobile phones, wheel rims, leather sofas and perfume bottles - there are very few objects that cannot be coated. The surface of an object helps to determine its function, durability and attractiveness. With innovative coating technologies for the application of paints, wet coatings, powder coatings and other liquid materials, WAGNER has been helping to raise the standard of surface finishes all over the world for more than 60 years.


GÜNEY ÇELİK A.Ş. exports to 70 different countries in particular to Europe, Asia, America( North-South), Australia, Middle East and Africa countries with GÜNEY ÇELİK A.Ş quality from the day it started its production. All of our Steel Mesh, Plain and ribbed bars, Galvanized, Galfan wire and bars, Galvanized mesh (panel), Wire fabric, barbed wire, Pvc covered wire, Pc strand, Pc wire and Commercial products comply with the national and international standards. We cover the needs of the domestic and international market by producing high quality, robust, safe and economic products.


SurTec develops, manufactures and supplies chemical specialities for surface finishing. With its four fields of application – Industrial Parts Cleaning, Metal Pre-treatment, Functional and Decorative Electroplating – SurTec offers a highly comprehensive portfolio in this sector. SurTec supplies almost all segments dealing with surface treatment, including automotive, aerospace, construction/architecture, household, electronics, renewable energies, and mechanical engineering industries.